Protective Coatings

Protecting industrial assets is increasingly becoming critical owing to rising asset costs, harsh weather conditions and mounting chemical pollution. Therefore asset owners are looking at specialised protective coatings specific to their requirements. We perceive this to be just the right environment for Shalimar/Berger Paints to demonstrate its growing technical strength.
Protective Coatings offer a choice of high-performance, heavy-duty coatings, designed to protect assets against the specific corrosive environment they are exposed to. Asian Paints Protective Coatings are tested under extreme conditions to ensure that they are durable and can withstand the vagaries of the different climatic conditions. Today the range of coatings find use across diverse industries such as nuclear, thermal or hydel power plants, chemical, petrochemical or fertilizer plants, refineries, sugar, pulp and paper industry, offshore structures, pharmaceuticals etc.

Floor Coatings

Choosing the correct floor coating system and ensuring correct surface preparation and application is just half the battle won. To ensure adequate returns on your flooring investment, due care should be taken. The following measures will ensure a better performance and longer life of the floor coating system.
  • Avoid water stagnation, wipe dry at the earliest
  • Avoid spillage of chemicals and solvents, if spilled, wipe dry at the earliest
  • Avoid spillage of oil, if spilled, wipe dry at the earliest
  • Do not drag objects
  • Avoid excessive impact
  • Do not drop sharp objects
  • Do not apply point load on the surface
  • Do not use trolleys with steel / iron castors
  • Do not heat on the floor surface or do “hot jobs” such as welding
  • Use rubbers mats while doing tool works
  • Use rubber-soled shoes that are clean from dirt & grime
  • Clean twice a day
  • Use mild detergent and wash thoroughly with water
  • Wipe floor dry and use floor after it is thoroughly dry

Road Markings

Road markings are the silent custodians of road safety in this era of four and six lane highways. Markings signify the delineation of traffic path and the lateral clearance from traffic hazard for the safe, smooth and orderly movement of traffic. Apart from traffic guidance, they also serve as a tool for controlling, warning and providing information to road users.
Though the cost of road markings is fractional in comparison to the cost of the road, its importance is indisputable. Often a key parameter used to judge the road quality is the quality of the installed road marking.
Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Litre

Marine Coatings

Marine Coatings such as, corrosion resistant coatings and low-friction coatings on propellers have been successfully accomplished.

Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Primer

Minimum Order Quantity 200 Litre
State/Form Liquid, Solvent
Surface of Application MS
Packaging Size (ex. 1L or 1Kg) 20 LITRE
Recommended for protection of steel structures including cranes, bridges, conveyors, barrage gates, etc., under industrial and saline conditions. Specified in fertilizer plants, thermal power plants, gas works, refineries and petrochemical structures which do not come in contact with solvents.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: Linosol-High-Build-RO